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(Mongolian saying)

The main regional public library has been broadening the horizons of readers and visitors since its beginnings in the 1880s.

Through adaptations and modernisations over the years, the extended building has become one of the best new library buildings in Europe. Owing to its interesting design, the Brežice library was in 2011 featured in the TV European Magazine.

In the new facilities, a collection of works by our compatriot academician Jože Toporišič, PhD, found its home. This significant Slovenian linguist, and his work and interest in language, was featured in a Television of Slovenia documentary film. Its premiere marked his 85-year jubilee in the Savica Zorko Hall in the Brežice library.

The library is always evolving. In addition to its numerous reading and IT-programs, it offers various leisure time activities, opportunities to talk, create, broaden horizons and expand vocabulary to all its users regardless of age, nationality and interests.

The number of people visiting the library and using our services has increased. The library Home Page serves as a gateway to virtual tours and reference databases accessed from home or elsewhere. That’s how the library is connecting people and the community; it’s the world to those eager to learn – young and old.

Our library is technologically advanced: Library members can check out books themselves by using the RFID system. In the near future, the library hopes to implement a 24-7 book return.

Our goals, mission and vision are reflected in our new visual image. We hope to strengthen the reputation of the Brežice library, within our community and with a wider audience by realising the idea of the workshop: The Brežice library is like a mighty river with numerous tributaries enriching it.

The sunset glows on the river bed and a thousand rays lead to our doors, to the threshold of a garden of words.

Tea Bemkoč, MSc., Director