Non-fiction books, on the first floor, can be checked out, reference library materials cannot. You can find new, popular, and overlooked books and themed exhibitions on the bookshelves. Our computers provide e-library which offers various courses. Choose from a varied collection of newspapers and periodicals in Slovenian and foreign languages. Page through them in the reading room; individual issues can also be checked out (with the exception of the newest editions).

Enjoy reading materials on the library terraces.

The Brežice high school students get acquainted with the library and COBISS/OPAC logic union catalogue through the Rastem s knjigo program (»Growing with the Book«) and with electronic databases through the Elektronski viri (»Electronic Sources«) program. They learn about the Local Studies collection and recognise famous sports people, musicians, artists and other creators from Brežice through Preživimo uro v domoznanski zbirki (»An Hour with the Local Studies«) program. Brežice vocational college freshmen get information literacy courses while the wider public can learn about paperless reading and BIBLOS e-book landing platform through Poveži, naloži, beri … e-knjige (»Connect, load, read … e-books«) workshops.

A special feature of the Brežice library is its room for the Faculty of Tourism library.

A special area on this floor is designated for a permanent collection of PhD Jože Toporišič, the Slovenian linguist, our compatriot from Mostec and honorary citizen. The collection houses a rich contribution to the Local Studies department. On the display at the entrance of the library, you can also stop by to read Pridih brežiškega v medijih (»About Brežice in Newspapers«). We are also pleased to share up to date published articles about local and community news.