The literature section is located near the library entrance. Questions are answered at the Welcome desk. You can inquire about fiction and not fiction works, as well as information regarding membership benefits and services. You are able to borrow books through the self-borrowing machine and return them to the librarian at the Welcome desk. The borrowing term can be extended by phone or on-line. If the library doesn't own the book you are looking for, the librarian expert from the non-fiction section will order it through Inter-library service. You can also suggest a book to be purchased. The Welcome desk will conduct research on requested as well as borrowed books. You are welcome to leaf through a book on our comfortable armchairs or borrow various DVDs with music and movies. Choose among newer releases, books written in large print and book club favourites from the display racks. If you need a quiet place to work, or computer access for searching, selecting and forwarding of information, go to the fiction section of the library. Brochures and leaflets describing library events and current information are available at the information desk.


Flower beds of our literature connecting us

  • What? Adult Reading Club.
  • From what date? From October 2010 as a part of Lifelong Learning of Posavje project (Reading with Alenka Šet at first).
  • For whom? For those who love to read. Welcome as an active creator or listener.
  • When? Every first and third Wednesday afternoon of each month from September to June.
  • Where? In the Director's room. At time also in Savica Zorko Hall, in the local studies area of the library or on the library terrace.
  • What's happening? Voluntary promotion of great books. Open access Club. Sharing thoughts. We discuss good and fascinating books, authors, both domestic and foreign, and analyse important themes. We enrich our reading and talking by trips.
  • Who about and what about? Poets, novelists and playwrights. National and foreign. About their works. About our perceiving the art of word.
  • What for? To go beyond the limits of our mind and senses, to exchange experiences, to give spare time a meaning.
  • Why? Because we like being together.


Blooming flower beds of Posavje

  • What? The Posavje Region reading together.
  • From what date? March 2011.
  • Where? Brežice library, Krško Valvasor library, Sevnica library.
  • For whom? For demanding and less demanding readers. For lovers of the written word.
  • When? From 21 March (World Poetry Day) to 20 November (Day of Slovenian Libraries).
  • What is the purpose? To promote reading quality literature and literature of other nations. To improve reading culture. To become familiar with modern creativity of writers from different cultural environments – both Slovenian and foreign. To integrate, collaborate and perform jointly by the Posavje libraries.
  • What's happening? Starting literary evening and presenting a reading list. Reading from the recommended list. Expressing opinions on bookmarks. Organising final literary evening and rewarding the readers who have read at least five books from the list.
  • What for? To promote quality literature and to build bridges between people.
  • Why? Different paths in life, events and fate bring us closer in the world of words – in the world of reading.


Where the swallows nest …

  • What? Reading Club at Brežice Care Home.
  • From what date? October 2012.
  • For whom? For Care Home residents who love to read and chat.
  • When? Every Thursday morning from September to June.
  • Where? Brežice Care Home.
  • What's happening? A librarian is reading the stories to the residents who join in the conversation. There are two groups. The first one named Swallows was active already in the former Retirement Home; having moved into new premises, there was a need to create two separate groups. The second one Young Swallows consists of the residents from the Sava unit and Swallows consist of other Home residents who meet in the Gorjanci unit. In collaboration with the employees of the Care Home, we organise different themed events. We bring the requested books to pensioners for independent reading.
  • Who about and what about? We select between different themes presented by mainly Slovenian authors: shorter literature, expert and popular science books about home towns, people, history, animals, etc. When reading, we reminisce about days gone by. Pensioners mostly bring personal experiences into the foreground. They are directed to the literature which is focused on familiar topics, easy to understand and positive.
  • What for? To reminisce and maintain the love for books in people who are unable to read alone.
  • Why? To bring the elderly fun, entertainment, laughter and goodwill.