Cerklje ob Krki


Cerklje ob Krki library is situated in the Jernej Molan barracks at Cerklje ob Krki. The section has been operating since 1992 on the initiative of the commander at that time. A collection of 500 books was an addition to the collection of the Slovenian Armed Forces Learning Centre. The books could be borrowed only to the Slovenian Armed Forces by the employed soldier. The Brežice librarian started working in the barracks in 1997. The department has been revived after being connected to the COBISS computer library system. The citizens of Cerklje ob Krki and neighbouring villages received access to the rich library collections on 4 November 2004 when the library was open to public. The library houses book collections, magazines, AV-material and the barracks’ book collections as well as an e-point.

24 April 2014, the Cerklje ob Krki library extended its premises. The redecorated former Rusjan’s Room became Rainbow Room. The visitors now have a reading, creating and socialising area. The Rainbow Room opens the door to even deeper knowledge sources and wisdom proving that a library and barracks can have a lot in common.


Vojašnica Jerneja Molana Cerklje ob Krki
Cerklje ob Krki 4 a, 8263 Cerklje ob Krki
Odpiralni čas: vsak četrtek od 12. do 17. ure
Knjižničarka: Andreja Dvornik
07 49 53 521