We at the Brežice library are aware that the role of the library has changed with the development of information technology: a classic issue desk has grown into a modern information centre. The virtual library on www.knjiznica-brezice.si offers quick access to information, the use of e-databases and web pages.


  • The web page offers information about the library (history of the library, price list of the library services, opening hours, contacts, notices etc.), events calendar, recent events and photo gallery, lists of monthly new book releases, online registration, department descriptions, etc.
  • Facebook is a web-based social networking service offering daily overviews of our notifications.
  • YouTube is a web-based portal video providing the Library activities and/or videos.
  • COBISS is the book searching database offering information on the local and Slovenian libraries.
  • Moja knjižnica (»My Library«) enables the user to view material on loan, renew loan periods, order, reserve and cancel material, use inter-library loan, view debts and restrictions, track the history of borrowed books. To access the library services, a librarian will give you a library card number and password.
  • mCOBISS is a virtual library of Slovenia on mobile devices which provides access to information in more than 400 Slovenian libraries; it exceeds the services of Moja knjižnica.
  • Vprašaj knjižničarja (»Ask-A-Librarian«) offers posing questions and prompt responses in a chat or through e-mail within 24 hours’ time from Monday to Friday.
  • Biblos is a Slovenian on-line library and book store where users can borrow or purchase books of Slovenian publishers; the books can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Dobreknjige.si (»Goodreads«) is a web portal which is also being maintained by the Brežice library. The basic purpose is to establish a unique web portal enabling comprehensive and independent reviews of quality literature which are meant for everyone looking for something of real quality among an overwhelming amount of published books. The relationship between a reader and a counsellor or librarian takes place in a virtual environment. The portal is connected with the COBISS/OPAC and is free. You need to log on to add either your book review or assessment of the selected book titles.
  • Digitalna knjižnica Slovenije (»Digital Slovenian Library«) – dLib.si provides free access to digitised knowledge and cultural treasures.
  • The Kamra portal is a regional library portal which features information on cultural heritage, archive acquisitions and activities, local cultural and reading events, and educational content. The information, documents, images, and other materials available at Kamra are shared by Slovenian public libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions. The Kamra portal is enriched by Album Slovenije (»Album of Slovenia«) whose purpose is to collect digitised copies of photos from family albums, as well as letters, documents and other important pieces of history stored away safely in Slovenians’ attics. If you want to share those memories with others and keep them from fading away, you are welcome to contribute them to our treasure trove of memories.
  • Europeana is an internet portal that acts as an interface to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout Europe.
  • Posavci.si is an online biographical reference book of the Posavje people.


Library members can access some library electronic resources remotely (at home, in your office, etc.). You need to enter a library card number and password which is the same you use for Moja knjižnica (»My Library«).

  • Tax-Fin-Lex is a unique gateway to timely legal, tax, accounting and financial area.
  • EbscoHost is a great tool to use for your research as it offers searching options, reviewing, printing and saving of full-text databases.
  • Britannica is the oldest (since 1771) and most widely used English-language encyclopaedia still being produced. It is intended for every reader – from primary school pupils to older people.
  • PressReader delivers an endless stream of top news stories to read, discuss and share in e-environments and on smartphones. You can get full issues of more than 4.000 top magazines and newspapers, just as they appear in print from more than 100 countries and in more than 60 languages. Free access is currently available to Večer, Dnevnik and Nedeljski dnevnik newspapers in Slovenian language.
  • In 2014, the second, updated and partially renewed edition of the Dictionary of the Slovenian Literary Language (SSKJ2) was published. It's the most comprehensive and most important national dictionary. The new edition is updated with the descriptions of new words and meanings which were widely used in conversation after 1991.


The Brežice library Membership keeps you informed about the stories in other e-newspapers such as Delo, Finance, Moje finance, Knjižničarske novice, Dnevnik, Manager, Uradni list (»Official Gazette«), Revija VIP, Digitalna kamera, Sodobna pedagogika (»Journal of Contemporary Educational Studies«) and Dolenjski list. You can stay connected with these e-newspapers only on the library computers by obtaining a username and password from the technical department.