The Brežice library is the library of the Brežice Community, however its services are well known to users beyond its Community borders.

It is a garden of various departments and rooms, whose roots' collection of books on the move grow stretching toward distant towns in the Community and connect the paths of all generations and social groups.

Our library management and employees tend to the garden of words in our daily work, at educational hours, events and other activities. In cooperation with our founder, contractors and supporters, we sow new seeds and carefully water them to foster growth.



Beyond the beehives at the edge of our world is a garden of a thousand wonders. In this garden flower beds of book cases float before us, with their rows of ripening words. Among them we walk, above them we fly, fragrant flowers, in which we find our better selves, and savour the fruits of dreams and knowledge. The lovely pollen that covers the hive, will nourish us in the long Winter. On lonely days we will draw a garden on the beehive's final keep-sake (written on the hive's panel). The most mysterious and beautiful flower is reflected in the wonder found on the loving face of a child: to our eyes our worlds seem far apart, but in spirit they are one.

Helena Cestnik