The Local Studies collection houses material on the history, work and life of the people from the local area as well as features about our community. It covers collecting, processing and storing of the library material which is catalogued by theme or authors connected to our community. The Local Studies collection of the Brežice library focuses on the Brežice Community area. Access to it is available every working day.

Local Studies are the heart of every library by maintaining creativity of generations. We ensure that items are always easily available to people not only as hardcopies but as digital and internet material.

A significant way of collecting the Local Studies is cooperation with individuals and organisations, i.e. schools, institutions, societies, printer’s, newspaper and other companies which operate in our area.

On 20th April 2016, we opened renovated premises of the Local Studies collection of the Brežice library in which the first librarian in Brežice Savica Zorko deserves special mention. On the celebratory event we paid tribute to her life and work. Visitors can learn about the role of this unique woman from the permanent showcase.

The library also holds the works of two nationally recognized men: the linguist and lexicographer Maks Pleteršnik who died in 1923 and academician Jože Toporišič, PhD who died in 2014. They linked not only by a commitment for the Slovenian language and Brežice community, where they were born, but also by the Gabernica brook. Pleteršnik was born at its source, Toporišič at its entrance into the Sava River.

Cultural Society of Pišece – The Pleteršnik’s Home – enriched the Local Studies of the Brežice library in 2016 by donating two original volumes of Pleteršnik’s Slovene-German Dictionary. The Brežice Community donated the third album of Styrian vedutas entitled The Images of Slovenian Styria of Carl Reichert, among them the images of Bizeljsko, Brežice and Pišece Castles.

An important addition is the TV display of local material, stories and news inviting people to visit the heart of the library.

Here at the library, we are proud of those who shape our culture. The Local Studies collection is the focus of the library; every new item brings excitement. Excellent cooperation between the library and local authors is similar to the harmony between a book and a reader. And such connections lead to a better understanding of our local culture.



Academician Jože Toporišič, PhD

I love returning to Brežice and to books

I have been recently connected with Brežice mainly because of and by the help of the library. I had the pleasure of becoming an honoured citizen of Brežice, a city so dear to my heart. The city known for one of the greatest Slovenian grammarians, Maks Pleteršnik. I’m especially delighted to see that a portion of the library’s space is occupied by my life’s work – my books and publications. I would like to thank the library for inviting me to celebrate my 85th birthday there and watch the Slavko Hren’s documentary about my life.

The library has become my refuge I love to return to and think about when visiting my birthplace Mostec, my relatives and friends from the villages scattered around the city of Brežice.

I’m happy to note that the city’s growing reputation is largely due to the library offering her space to the book-lovers who deserve such a remarkable building.

Jože Toporišič, PhD


We feel very honoured by what the academician Jože Toporišič said about our library and cooperation. With his creative versatility in language work he succeeded in placing Slovenian in the framework of modern European linguistics. In the second half of the 20th century, he had a major direct and indirect impact on the importance, development and place of Slovenian as a modern language and aided in the development of Slovenian cultural identity. Among numerous awards, he received the Silver Honorary Badge of the Republic of Slovenia and the Zois Award for his life’s work – the highest national prize for lifetime achievements in arts and science.

We paid tribute to our famous compatriot in the Brežice library when he was still alive. He was allotted a special place in the library when celebrating his 80th birthday. Five years later, the TV director Slavko Hren together with the Slovenian Television presented an excellent screening of the documentary about his life: Toporišič – A Lonely Hiker through Unpleasant Times. On 11 October 2011, the library marked his 90’s birthday with a special ceremony – it was the official closing of Toporišič Year together with the 70th anniversary of the Brežice library operating after the Second World War. We were honoured to address our guests from the newly named square after Jože Toporišič – Trg Jožeta Toporišiča 1 (»The Jože Toporišič Square 1«).