The Youth Department is on the ground floor; turn to the left – heart’s side at the building entrance toward small multi-coloured houses and bean bags. Comfortably seated, children like to listen to fairy tales. In the Parent's corner, there is non-fiction literature offering advice on education, schooling and child rearing.

We, the librarians often come across parents who have noticed the first signs of dyslexia in their children and look for help. To give them a hand, we have designated easy to read books and the books appropriate for the dyslexic. Moreover, we have prepared leaflets offering basic information about dyslexia in addition to two lists of recommended readings (Recommended Reading List for Kids with Dyslexia, Recommended List of Books about Dyslexia). They are available in print form in the library or in e-form on the library website. When reading in the library, users are encouraged to borrow reading rulers which make it easy to focus on the line being read.

The department hosts two permanent exhibitions, i.e. a Golden Pear prize-winning quality children and youth literature and easy to read literature. You cannot miss themed exhibitions of new and overlooked books.

The project called Bralna mavrica (»Reading Rainbow«) encourages reading within families. With the help of parents, educators and teachers 3- to 6-year old children have a chance to get familiarised with books and escape into the world of knowledge and fun. The youngest can join Pravljica z ustvarjalnico (»Fairy Tale Creative«). Often we host kindergarten and the entire classes of primary school children. Librarians give them a tour of the library, show the treasure trove of books, teach our library etiquette and provide information on wide-ranging topics and authors. Distant kindergartens and schools in the community which cannot afford driving to the library, are afforded the chance of attending Knjižničarka na obisku (»The Visiting Librarian«). 5th graders take part in Kako dobro poznam Andersena? (»How well do I know Andersen?«) quiz about Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish writer and poet and above all a fairy tale teller. There is also an area for the exhibition of children and youth books in foreign languages. 6th graders get acquainted with them by joining the so called Mini Bologna programme. Pupils of the second and third educational period of the primary school can participate in Lov za knjižnim zakladom (»Book Treasure Hunting«) so that they read books of their own choice and record their titles and summaries into the reading journal. We are also involved in the project Rastem s knjigo (»Growing with a Book«), which offers general information about the library and COBISS/OPAC open public access catalogue, promotes reading among children and provides a free children’s book for every 7th grade pupil. We organize Franceta Prešerna knjižnični žur (»France Prešeren's Book Party«) for 8th graders. The 9th graders are encouraged to dig into Folk Literature and take part in Čarobni svet preteklosti quiz (»A Magic World of the Past«). The workshop Poveži, naloži, beri … e-knjige (»Connect, load, read … e-books«) allow us to enter the world of electronic books and the BIBLOS lending system – the first Slovene eLibrary and eBookshop.

Particularly encouraged to read are persons with special needs. We help them so that they can access the library services on their own. The primary school and occupational activity centre people with special needs often join our Kekčeva bralna pot (»Reading with Kekec«) project.

For special occasions, such as Cultural Holiday, Slovenian Public Libraries Day, End of Reading Programme, we are pleased to organise humorous and educational presentations and combine different activities. In the first days of April, with the Noč z Andersenom (»A Night with Andersen«) event we celebrate with many Slovenian and European libraries for the World Day of Children's Books and the birth of well-known Danish Fairy tale teller H. C. Andersen.

Knjižna uganka (»Book Riddle«) is prepared to be solved by children of two age groups (up to 10 and from 10 to 15). Every month a winner from both age groups are chosen by lottery. They are rewarded with a book.

The youth department of the Brežice library together with the Brežice Kennel Club has introduced Berem kužku (»Reading to Dogs«) project. Reading to dogs can boost reading and communication skills in children. It takes place once a week for free and is intended for 2nd to 5th graders. Priority is given to children with reading disabilities.